About Helen

Helen NewloveBaroness Newlove is a North-West based community reform campaigner and activist. Helen Newlove came to prominence after her husband Garry Newlove was murdered outside the family home by a gang of youths, all alcohol and drug fuelled, in 2007. After his death she campaigned to tackle anti-social behaviour and the underage and binge drinking culture.

Helen was given a peerage in the 2010 Dissolution Honours list and sits in the House of Lords as a Conservative, Baroness Newlove ofWarringtonin theCountyofCheshire.

In October 2010 she was appointed government Champion for Active, Safer Communities and spent six months at the Home Office where she wrote her report Our vision for safe and active communities. She moved to the Department for Communities and Local Government to continue her work in April 2011. In July 2011 she set out her priorities to help people make a difference to their neighbourhoods in her report Our vision for safe and active communities: Government Progress Update. These were to tackle anti-social behaviour caused by binge and under-age drinking; a central information hub for community activists; and to encourage more civil servants and public sector workers to volunteer.

Her third report, Building Safe, Active Communities: Strong foundations by local people, was published on 14 February this year. In addition to an update on all her challenges to action and on championing active, safer communities more widely, a £1m fund was announced to help communities tackle alcohol-fuelled anti-social behaviour. Helen is now working with 20 communities acrossEngland to support and encourage them to develop their innovative ideas to make a real difference in their communities.